Nick Chubb predicts bright future for Baker Mayfield despite Browns drama

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Nick Chubb predicts bright future for Baker Mayfield despite Browns drama

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb says Baker Mayfield will always be one of his best friends even though they likely won't be teammates in 2022. Both Chubb and Mayfield were selected by the Browns in the 2018 NFL draft and played together for the first four years of their careers.

This offseason, the Browns signed quarterback Deshaun Watson, which meant the end of the Mayfield era in Cleveland. The Browns acquired Watson nearly three months ago but Mayfield remains on the team's roster as the Browns are having a hard time finding a trade partner that would take on the quarterback's guaranteed $19 million salary for 2022.

When Mayfield signs with another team, Chubb says he will be a great contributor for that team. "He'll still always be one of my best friends. He's a great guy," Chubb said of Mayfield via "I know with his intensity and his attitude, wherever he lands, he'll be ready." Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt also spoke highly of Mayfield, stating that he still has a great future ahead of him.

"I think Baker's a very good quarterback and he has a very good future," Van Pelt said.

Mayfield having an ugly split with the Browns

The Browns and Mayfield are done with each other but somehow the quarterback is still on the team's roster.

Recently, Mayfield made it clear he feels disrespected by the Browns. Myles Garrett, the Browns' First-Team All-Pro defensive end, said changes are a normal thing in life and added he wishes Mayfield nothing but the best.

"People come and go, and this is one of those changes," Garrett said of Mayfield. "I hope the best for him. I hope he moves on and he does well for himself. He's played well when he's healthy. When he's healthy, he can do some pretty good things for a team.

Just has to find his niche again. I think he has to prove himself, has to get healthy." Also, Garrett addressed the harrasment accusations new Browns quarterback Watson is facing. Garrett said the Watson is situation is none of his business but said the quarterback's character matters to him.

"It does. But I don't know what happened," Garrett said. "You don't know what happened. No one in this room really knows what happened, other than the people that were involved. I can't move one way or another based on hearsay.

So I just move with the character and the man I know from day to day. And that's a good guy from what I've seen."