Football-related injuries and career end of football players

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Football-related injuries and career end of football players

There are football injuries that can end a player's career. The study: Football-related injuries are the major reason for the career end of professional male football players, published on the Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy: official journal of the ESSKA, explained: "Little is known about the consequences of injuries on professional male football players' career and retirement period.

The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of injuries that male professional football players endure during their career, reasons for the end of their career and the post-career phase of retirement. In a retrospective cross-sectional cohort study, retired male professional football players of the German Bundesliga were investigated by a standardized questionnaire to analyze the history of injuries sustained during their professional football career, the reasons for ending their career, their current health status and their suggestions for future prevention strategies.

Most of the 116 analyzed players (n = 73 (62.9%)) stated an injury as the reason for ending their professional career. Relevant injuries were mainly located in the lower extremities (n = 587 (61.3%)) with a focus on the knee (p <0.001) and ankle (p <0.001).

A significant majority of the participants who had retired due to injury described degenerative symptoms, such as pain or instability, and were diagnosed with osteoarthritis after retirement (p <0.001). These players had also often been affected by symptoms of depression during their career, which had decreased significantly after retirement.

Moreover, players who had not retired due to injury had significantly better overall health status and quality of life after retirement. Football-related injuries have a significant impact on the career end of professional male football players and their health status after retirement.

Future prevention strategies need to particularly address injuries to the knees and ankles and to implement measures for preventing osteoarthritis after retirement."