Zach Wilson opens on getting stronger ahead of Year 2

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Zach Wilson opens on getting stronger ahead of Year 2

Zach Wilson says he is entering Year 2 much stronger and he is hoping it will have a positive impact on his performance in the 2022 season. Wilson weighted at 208 pounds during his rookie season, while he is now listed at 221 pounds.

With the help of nutritionist and a chef, Wilson reached his targeted weight. "I do have a sweet tooth pretty bad, so that's been a challenge," Wilson said, per ESPN. Wilson is hopeful being stronger will help him in his bid to have a better Year 2 and show that he was worthy of the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

"I feel better for sure," he said. "The energy, the ability to have that stamina throughout the whole practice, is better. In the long run, once we get into a game when we actually get hit and tackled, having more size on me will help."

Wilson: I feel I'm a better athlete

"I just feel like I'm a better athlete with more weight on, for some reason," he said.

The Jets selected Wilson at No. 2 in the 2021 NFL draft, hoping he would become a franchise quarterback and the leader of the team. "He looks good, he's confident, he's smiling, he's vocal," Jets head coach Robert Saleh said.

"I've said it before that you can always tell the confidence level and their understanding of what they're being asked to do by the volume of their voice, and he's getting pretty loud." Wilson feels the Jets have done their best to put him a position to succeed and he is hoping to do well in 2022.

"I feel like the entire staff, from the GM to ownership on down, those guys have done a great done of getting the pieces we need," Wilson said. "I think it comes back to my job. Now I have to do my job of getting these playmakers the ball.

How can I get these big tight ends, these really good receivers and these running backs the ball in space and do what we brought them here to do?" The Jets did a great job on the draft night and Wilson expects the team to get better before the opening day.

"Yeah, absolutely, we're definitely going to be better," Wilson said. "I don't think we'll be able to tell until the first game, but the improvement is there. We have the talent, we have the guys. Now can we tie it all together and put something together?"