Joe Burrow: Did you really believe that Tom Brady retired?

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Joe Burrow: Did you really believe that Tom Brady retired?

Joe Burrow said he never believed that Tom Brady actually retired as he thought from the beginning that the seven-time Super Bowl champion announced retirement just because he was forced into it. After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' season ended, the expectation was that Brady would retire.

In early February, Brady announced he was stepping away from professional football after 22 seasons. Mid-March, Brady announced he changed his mind and that he would play in 2022. "Did anybody actually think he was going to be retired?" Burrow said on the "Full Send Podcast."

"You guys gotta know better than that. ... He's playing way too well to give it up right now."

Burrow: Brady wanted to shut down all the talk

After Brady retired, football pundits thought there was a strong chance he would come out of retirement and play in 2022.

Those who claimed that Brady was forced into retirement and that he would eventually come back were right. Burrow seems to be one of those who thought Brady retired just because he felt he had to do it. "I think he wanted to shut down the conversation," Burrow said.

"If he didn't announce his retirement, everyone would be talking about, 'Is he retiring? Is he not retiring?' So, I think he went ahead and did it to get everyone off his back so he could go think about it."

Meanwhile, Burrow has fully embraced the leadership for the Cincinnati Bengals. Burrow wants to be involved in recruiting to the Bengals and to make feel welcome additions to the team. "That's something I want to do every year," Burrow said, via the Bengals website.

"I want to make sure the guys we are looking to bring in feel at home in Cincinnati and with the team because that is the culture we are building in the locker room. We are really, really close as a team, coaching staff, players, strength staff, trainers.

I just want to portray that to the guys that are thinking about coming here and that we want to sign." Burrow is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league and Brady has predicted big things for Burrow. "You've got a great future ahead," Brady said to Burrow.

"There's a lot of football games left in your future, as there should be. We all get to watch you for a long time and really enjoy it. I wish you nothing but the best, as you know."