Damone Clark opens on how Cowboys medical staff discovered his medical issue

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Damone Clark opens on how Cowboys medical staff discovered his medical issue

Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Damone Clark admitted he was stunned when the Cowboys found a herniated disc in his neck during the 2022 NFL combine. Clark thought everything was perfectly fine with his health but then the Cowboys medical team discovered a herniated disc during the pre-draft process.

Clark underwent a surgery to repair the damage, and interestingly, he ended up with the Cowboys. Clark slid late into the draft due to the medical issue and the Cowboys took the advantage of it and took him in the fifth round.

"The crazy thing is, at the combine, Dallas' medical staff was the one that told me," Clark said, via the team's website. "When they told me, I was shocked. I'm like, 'Whoa, maybe y'all got the wrong person.' " Clark, who played college football at LSU, said he perfectly fine throughout the entire 2021 college season.

"I played the whole year [at LSU] and felt perfectly fine," he said. After the Cowboys discovered his medical issue, he seeked a second opinion. The second opinion confirmed the diagnosis of the Cowboys medical team and Clarke decided to undergo a surgery.

"I went out and got a second opinion, and Dr. [Robert] Watkins said the same thing," Clark said. "It's crazy that this is the team that drafted me. So I already feel comfortable here."

The Cowboys happy to have Clark

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy suggests selecting Clarke in the fifth round was a "low-risk, high reward" thing.

Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander-Esch dealt with the same injury in 2019 and Clark has someone to turn to advice in case he needs any. "On the injury front, going through the experience with Leighton and there were a couple of other comparables," said McCarthy.

"I mean yeah, that was definitely part of the discussion leading up to the decision [to select Clark]. ... He's been on the Zoom call meetings. Very, very bright. Has really good command and understanding. "He looks great. His rehab, you wouldn't know he was dealing with anything, just looking at him and watching him move.

But he's been very impressive." Playing for the Cowboys is something special and Clarke isn't hiding his happiness and excitement. "I'm just happy they found it, and Dallas still picked me up. I'm happy to be here," Clark said.

If Clark stays healthy and avoids injury problems, he could develop into one of the best linebackers in the league.