NFL issues DeAndre Hopkins suspension for violating PED policy

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NFL issues DeAndre Hopkins suspension for violating PED policy

The NFL announced on Monday that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been suspended for six games after violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Hopkins, who was traded to the Cardinals after the 2020 season, missed eight games last season.

Now, he is set to miss at least six games next season. After the announcement was made, Hopkins' brand manager Doug Sanders messaged ESPN's Adam Schefter to give a better understanding of the situation. "Today the NFL announced their decision to suspend DeAndre Hopkins as a result of a November drug test that came back with trace elements of a banned substance.

DeAndre and everyone who works with him is completely shocked by this finding because he is extremely diligent about what he puts into his body. His October and December tests were negative and we are investigating how the November test came back positive.

DeAndre is commited to demonstrating that he did not knowingly take a banned substance. He has never once tested positive throughout his 10-year career. We are currently testing every product he used to figure out how this could have happened and will release any new information as soon as we have it," Sanders wrote in a message to Schefter.

Hopkins claims he didn't take the banned substance on purpose

After Hopkins was handed a six-game suspension, he released a statement on Twitter. Hopkins insistes that he has always been extra careful about what he puts into his body and that there was no way that he intentionally took a banned substance.

"I was confused and shocked," Hopkins tweeted later. "I am very mindful of what I put in my body and have always taken a holistic approach, so I am working with my team to investigate how this could've happened.

"But even as careful as I have been, clearly I wasn't careful enough. For that, I apologize to Cardinals fans, my teammates, and the entire Cardinals organization. I never want to let my team down. I fully intend to get to the bottom of this. As soon as I have more information I will share it."