NFL Insider reveals NFC team that could sign Baker Mayfield if he is released

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NFL Insider reveals NFC team that could sign Baker Mayfield if he is released

ESPN football insider Jeremy Fowler reports the Seattle Seahawks are a team to watch should the Cleveland Browns release quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield said goodbye to Browns fans just before the free agency started but nearly two months later he is still in Cleveland.

The Browns have been trying to trade Mayfield for the past month and a half but teams do not want to take on Mayfield's $18.8 guaranteed contract for next season. Since the Browns are having a hard time finding a trade partner, there is a chance they might be forced to simply cut Mayfield.

That way, the Browns would receive nothing in return for the former No. 1 pick. “Now, here’s the deal: The Browns are willing to play some of Baker Mayfield’s $18.8 million guaranteed, but not all of it,” NFL insider Jeremy Fowler said Sunday on ESPN’s SportsCenter, as quoted on NESN.

“Teams are waiting that out, slow-playing it and they don’t really want to pay much of that money at all. I know some teams like Seattle, if he’s released, they would explore it, potentially get involved. Right now, this could drag out.

I talked to one GM in the league who said, ‘They should hold onto him because quarterback situations around the league change. Maybe injuries happen”.

The Seahawks need a new starting quarterback and Mayfield makes sense

After the 2021 season ended, the Seahawks traded their long-time quarterback Russell Wilson.

Following the departure of Wilson, the Seahawks have been left without a starting quarterback. The Seahawks have Geno Smith on the roster, who spent the last few seasons being Wilson's backup. Smith was a once starter for the New York but he didn't prove himself and since then he has been a backup quarterback in the league.

If the Seahawks don't trade for Mayfield, Smith will likely be their starter next season. "Geno has come in and is obviously ahead going in because he's had all the background with us," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said, per Pro Football Talk.

"He's been with us for a number of years. He leads the charge right now. He's in command of our system as much as a guy could be. (Jacob Eason) had a year with us so he's doing his part. Meanwhile we're watching how Drew (Lock) comes along. ... He's busting his tail to catch up and be right with it."