San Francisco 49ers provide latest on Jimmy Garoppolo

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San Francisco 49ers provide latest on Jimmy Garoppolo
San Francisco 49ers provide latest on Jimmy Garoppolo (Provided by Sport World News)

The San Francisco 49ers insists they will trade Jimmy Garoppolo only if they receive a deal good enough. After the 2020 season ended, the 49ers didn't appear to be too thrilled with Garoppolo so they moved in the 2021 NFL draft to select quarterback Trey Lance at No.

3. There was question what would happen with Garoppolo after Lance was drafted but the 49ers decided to keep Garoppolo for one more year. The 49ers' plan was to let Garoppolo be the team's starting quarterback and then trade him after the 2021 season.

The 2021 season ended long ago but the 49ers haven't yet found a trade partner for Garoppolo. Lance is expected to be the team's starting quarterback next season and Garoppolo is an odd man in the locker room. Some suggested the 49ers could decide to cut Garoppolo.

However, 49ers general manager John Lynch says the team will part ways with Garoppolo only if they receive a good enough offer. “We’ve said all along it’s gonna take the right deal to get us to move him,” Lynch said, as quoted on Pro Football Talk.

“And he’s part of our team right now. And so we’re excited about that. We look at the totality of that position, and we feel really good about it right now. We’re extremely excited about Trey [Lance]. Excited about Jimmy and Nate Sudfeld.

There’s a lot to like about him as well. So we’re excited about that group”.

Garoppolo admitted it was a strange year

Garoppolo entered the 2021 season knowing it was likely his last in San Francisco. After the season ended, Garoppolo told goodbye to teammates and fans.

Four months later, Garoppolo is somehow still a 49er. “It was a strange year,” Garoppolo said. “I don’t know if I’d wish that on anybody”. Several teams entered this offseason needing to address the quarterback situation.

Garoppolo is a veteran quarterback with a Super Bowl experience on his resume. In March, Garoppolo decided to undergo a shoulder surgery. After Garoppolo underwent a shoulder surgery, NFL teams became reluctant to the idea of trading for him.

There is a question mark or how will Garoppolo look after returning from the injury and teams do not want to give much for Garoppolo. However, the 49ers believe Garoppolo is a valuable player and they have made it clear they do not plan on cutting him.

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