Chiefs say no rebuild as long as Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback

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Chiefs say no rebuild as long as Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has dismissed any rumors of the Chiefs hitting the rebuild mode as he has underlined that the team will be aiming Super Bowls as long as Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback.

This offseason, the Chiefs lost Tyreek Hill and Charvarius Ward. Also, the Chiefs refused to offer Tyrann Mathieu a new deal. "When you have Pat Mahomes, we'll be wired to go after it every year,'' Veach said, per ESPN.

"Even though you may make moves and you may trade really good players, it doesn't mean [there won't] be another counterpunch and that we [won't] try to be aggressive in another way. You just have to be smart and flexible in what you do.

What's needed to do that is draft resources and cap space. "Just because you trade away a great player doesn't mean we're in a rebuilding mode by any means. It just means we're going to find a new set of resources and we're going to try to be aggressive.'


Mahomes set to work without Hill

For the first time in his career, Mahomes will be operating in a Chiefs offense that won't feature Hill. "On one end, it's very hard to replicate a talent like Tyreek Hill.

But I also think there's a mindset or idea forgetting how good a coach Andy Reid is. He's won with all types of quarterback and all different types of offensive schemes," Veach said. "Our staff is very dynamic and, look, we had Tyreek Hill and we were able to implement a lot of RPO stuff and a lot of vertical attack stuff, but it doesn't mean when you have a talent like Pat Mahomes and a Hall of Fame coach like Andy that you can't rewire and retweak your offense and how you do things.

There are multiple ways we scored points over the years. "Would you like to find someone like Tyreek? Yeah, but I think every team would. If you don't, there are many ways to win games. Our offense is I think extremely flexible, a lot more flexible than what people think.

For us and what we do, we're going to go out there and collect good players. They might not be 4.2 guys but if they're good football players, we're going to put them into position to make plays and win a lot of games.' '