Amari Cooper reveals how he learned about Deshaun Watson trade

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Amari Cooper reveals how he learned about Deshaun Watson trade

Amari Cooper revealed he "happy" and "elated" after learning that Deshaun Watson was his new quarterback. In March, the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys agreed on a trade that sent Cooper to Cleveland.

Several days later, Watson decided to sign with the Browns. Cooper, who is hoping to get his numbers up with the Browns, was thrilled after learning who was his new quarterback. “I was happy,” Cooper said, per Sports Illustrated.

“I was elated. My friends called me right away”.

Cooper on how he learned about the Watson trade

Cooper was on a vacation in Dubai and asleep at the time the trade went down. “There’s a huge time difference,” Cooper said.

“I think when it happened here... it was like 12 there, so I was asleep. I woke up and saw a whole bunch of text messages and stuff like that, guys were like ‘Man, you lucky,’ some of my former teammates. I was like ‘What?’ and I checked social media and the news.

It was cool, I was happy about that”. This week, Watson reported to the team's offseason program. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski described Watson as an "open-minded quarterback." "With the quarterback, you do want this to be a collaboration," Stefanski said.

"It's really all quarterbacks are different and you want to make sure you meet them where they are. Deshaun's very open-minded to trying different things he hasn't done. Similarly, we're very open-minded to putting in schemes that he has a lot of success in that we haven't done, for instance.

So it's an ongoing conversation, but just I would tell you, day in and day out with him, just spending time with him yesterday and today, he wants to certainly grow as a player. And he wants to try different concepts. "I think that's the beauty of the spring ...

where you can get out on the field and it's somewhat of a laboratory. And you try things out and see what fits. There's going to be a bunch of things that we hope fit and you take that into training camp and certain things that maybe he doesn't love, you don't do, because it's ultimately what our quarterback is most comfortable doing.

"To get there, though, there's a lot of meetings, there's a lot of install, there's a lot of practice that has to occur to ultimately tell you how much we will change."