911 calls indicates Dwyane Haskins ran out of gas before being fatally hit on highway

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911 calls indicates Dwyane Haskins ran out of gas before being fatally hit on highway

A 911 call from Kalabrya Haskins revealed Dwyane Haskins was walking on the highway to get gas shortly before his tragic death. Two weeks ago in South Florida, Haskins died after being hit by a dump truck and in a 911 call that was recorded his wife Kalabrya can heard telling the operator her husband was left stranded on the side of a highway and had to get gas.

Also, Kalabrya clarified that she was in Pittsburgh and told the operator her husband told her he would call once he returned to the car. “I just want somebody to go to the area to see if his car’s there, see if he’s O.K., if anything happened to him.

… That’s just not like him to not call me back and for his phone to go dead. He was stranded by himself. He was walking, though,” Kalabrya Haskins says in the recording released on Twitter by South Florida media personality Andy Slater.

The operator told Kalabrya Haskins not to panic

In the recording, the operator can be heard telling Kalabrya not to panic but that there was an incident on the highway she was describing. “There was a man hit in front of me.

I was traveling on the road, and I saw a dump truck hit the man,” the witness said. Earlier this week, Kalabrya - who married Dwyane Haskins last year - said her husband was more than just a great football player. "My husband was more than a great football player," Kalabrya Haskins said in a statement earlier this week.

"He had the smile of a rainbow that touched the diversity of so many. He will forever rest and remain in our hearts til the end of time." Haskins was expected to battle for the Pittsburgh Steelers' starting quarterback spot this offseason.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said he was devastated after learning about the Haskins death. "I'm devastated and at a loss for words with the unfortunate passing of Dwayne Haskins. He quickly became part of our Steelers family upon his arrival in Pittsburgh and was one of our hardest workers, both on the field and in our community.

Dwayne was a great teammate, but even more so a tremendous to so many. I'm truly heartbroken," Tomlin said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Kalabrya, and his entire family during this difficult time."