NFL insider explains main reason why Jimmy Garoppolo hasn't been traded yet

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NFL insider explains main reason why Jimmy Garoppolo hasn't been traded yet

NFL Insider Albert Breer thinks the shoulder surgery is the only reason why Jimmy Garoppolo is still with the San Francisco 49ers and doesn't have a starting quarterback spot secured with another team. Following the 49ers' loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game, Garoppolo told goodbye to fans and revealed he and the team were communicating to try to find a trade partner.

Several teams entered offseason needing to address the quarterback spot and Garoppolo was expected to have a list of potential suitors. A month has passed since the NFL free agency began but Garoppolo still hasn't been traded.

“I really do think Jimmy would have a starting job right now if it hadn’t been for the shoulder surgery," Breer said on The MMQB's." I think somebody would have taken that swing on him. I think the issue you have now with Jimmy, because of the shoulder issue, is, can you count on him to be what he’s been the last few years when you get to September and October? And because he’s only under contract for one more year.

You’re, by definition, acquiring him for 2022. So, you’re Carolina, right? Like people’s jobs are on the line in Carolina … Do you trade for Jimmy, knowing he’s going to miss the entire spring? He’s not going to be throwing again until late June, early July, you know? “And even then, you may think that he’s going to be okay, but that’s sort of an unpredictable thing.

Is he going to be full-go come training camp? And you’re trying to put in a new offense, right, like with Ben McAdoo there”.

The 49ers don't want to cut Garoppolo

After the 49ers failed to find a trade partner in the first two weeks of free agency, a source told Pro Football Talk that the 49ers would likely cut Garoppolo.

When asked about those reports, 49ers general manager John Lynch said Garoppolo was too good of a player to end up being cut. "I don't foresee that," Lynch said, per ESPN. "He's too good a player. I think Jimmy will be playing for us or will be playing for someone else.

He's too good of a player not to be." Also, Lynch admitted the shoulder surgery scared of the potential Garoppolo suitors. "I think, ultimately, the teams that we were closest with, the surgery gave them pause and they ended up going in other directions," Lynch said.