Bobby Wagner reveals why his talks with Cowboys fell apart

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Bobby Wagner reveals why his talks with Cowboys fell apart

New Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner confirmed his interest in joining the Dallas Cowboys was "real" but added the two sides couldn't unfortunately reach a deal. After Wagner was released by the Seattle Seahawks, the Cowboys emerged as one of the teams interested in acquiring the six-time First-team All-Pro linebacker.

In the end, Wagner signed with the Rams on a five-year, $50 million deal. In an interview with CNBC, Wagner addressed the reports of the Cowboys being interested in him. Wagner was definitely interested in playing in Dallas but the Cowboys weren't willing to give the star linebacker the money he was seeking.

"That was a real thing," Wagner told CNBC. "We had conversations. I love Dan Quinn and have a lot of respect for him, but between their needs and what they were willing to spend, we couldn't agree. But there was mutual interest."

Wagner picked the Rams

Wagner wasn't happy after the Seahawks released him without revealing their intention.

Now, since the Rams and Seahawks share the same division, Wagner gets to meet the Seahawks at least twice per year. "A lot of people think that it went into my decision, being able to play the Seahawks," Wagner explained.

"I don't have that much hate in my heart. I think I really wanted to be happy and I wanted to be close to home and stay on the West Coast. That was important to me. But playing the Seahawks twice a year was a cherry on top, and I'll make sure they see me every time we play them.

They'll know where I'm at and I'll make sure I tell them. It won't be a quiet game for me." Even though Wagner wasn't happy with how the Seahawks handled his exit, he said he has no hate towards his former team. "At some point," Wagner said, when asked whether he and Seahawks would mend their relationship.

"I have no hatred towards Seattle. I have no hatred towards the Seahawks. I think Pete, John, [Jody Allen, the team's de facto owner]. All those guys, they're amazing. They treated me well while I was there. So like I said, I have no hate in my heart.

Did I not appreciate how they handled that? I texted them. I let them know I didn't appreciate how they handled it. So it is what it is. It's not something that I'm going to sit here and use as motivation. Regardless of whether I play somewhere else or play there, I'm a motivated person. I don't need extra motivation. "But that game in Seattle will definitely be interesting, for sure."