Skip Bayless reveals Lil Wayne's prediction about Antonio Brown's future

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Skip Bayless reveals Lil Wayne's prediction about Antonio Brown's future

Sports analyst Skip Bayless reveals rapper Lil Wayne told him he thinks Antonio Brown is planning to become a full-time rapper. Brown, a four-time First-team All-Pro wide receiver, has been hanging out with Kanye West lately.

In Week 17, Brown took off his pads and stormed off the field during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' road game against the New York Jets. Shortly after the game, Brown released a rap song called "Pit Not The Palace."

Also, Brown was released from his Buccaneers contract. “I’ll throw in something that Lil Wayne told me (about) a month ago. We were talking about what is AB’s future, and Wayne said, ‘I think he’s going to be a full-time rapper’.

That’s just his read from a distance. He’s heard him perform, and he thinks he’s pretty good, and obviously, he’s now got a partner who’s really good, who can prop him up in Kanye," Bayless said on Undisputed.

Brown hasn't ruled out an NFL comeback

The NFL free agency started three weeks ago but Brown hasn't yet found a new home. Brown, who was just a few years considered one of the best - if not the best wideout in the game, pondered why he wasn't one of the highest-paid receivers in the game now.

"I still feel like I can put up big numbers, and I see what these guys are getting paid. I just wonder why my value isn't being upheld as the same," Brown told TMZ Sports. "I'm happy for those guys.

I'm really grateful for those guys who pioneered the game. They take it further, and made their prices go up. So I'm grateful for those guys to get what they deserve. "My situation is never about anyone else. It's just all about getting what I deserve because I know what I am and what I stand for, and you can't play with me, the numbers are the numbers."

There might be teams that would want to give Brown another shot but are reluctant due to his past. "Watch the tape. It's not what the articles they sell. It's what I'm willing to do and what I'm capable of doing.

I put my heart on the line, I put my will on the line, I put my skills on the line. I'm the best go in the stadium every week," Brown told NFL teams that might have interest in adding him.