Odell Beckham has had talks with AFC East team

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Odell Beckham has had talks with AFC East team

Odell Beckham Jr. remains a free agent and the New England Patriots have expressed interest in signing the star wide receiver, per ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. Beckham played extremely well after joining the Los Angeles Rams but then sustained a torn ACL in the Super Bowl.

The Rams have stated several times they would like to keep Beckham. Beckham is expected to miss the start of the regular season but could be ready to play midway through the regular season. “Watch for the Patriots here.

I’m told they at least had some exploratory talks early in free agency,” Fowler said Friday on NFL Live. “Remember, the Patriots also looked into Beckham in November when he was released by Cleveland. “Beckham has interest in Bill Belichick, potentially playing for him, and there could be some mutual stuff there, so something to keep in mind.

But there’s no real rush here from what I’m told on both sides, either with the team or with Beckham”.

Beckham praised by Jalen Ramsey

Beckham joined the Rams midway through the regular season and helped the team win the Super Bowl.

“He meant a lot to the team. He meant a whole lot,” Ramsey said on The Pivot Podcast, per Rams Wire. “When you talk about performance, we’re in a performance-based industry, he’s a dog. He really the dude – all the highlights – he’s still that.

When you’re a receiver, you do have to have a certain chemistry with your quarterback and offensive coordinator. It’s got to be the right situation for you, especially when you’re on the offensive side of the ball.

He hasn’t had that in a little while but he’s still him, for sure. … There ain’t that many that athletic, that twitchy, run good routes, hands, he’s really that one. He brought that juice. In the playoffs, we were getting O the ball early.

O was really that igniter." Before going down with an injury, Beckham had two catches for 52 yards and a touchdown. Ramsey thought Beckham could have easily won the Super Bowl MVP. “In the Super Bowl, O was really the igniter.

… If O could’ve kept going that game, O probably would’ve been Super Bowl MVP,” Ramsey continued. “And that ain’t taking nothing away from Cooper, but O was really living like that. He was on another level.

And then knowing he was going to be a free agent, too, all of that. It’s like dang, man. I hated it for him, but everything happens for a reason. And because of that, hopefully we can get him back."