Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski on QB Tom Brady: He has still got the game

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Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski on QB Tom Brady: He has still got the game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski says for the last decade people have been writing off Tom Brady but he has proven them wrong on numerous occasions. Six-time Super Bowl champion Brady and three-time Super Bowl champion Gronkowski reunited this offseason after Brady signed with the Buccaneers and Gronkowski came out of retirement to play with Brady.

"There are people that have talked garbage about him since I started playing with him 10 years ago, saying he didn't have anything left in the tank -- that is simply not true," Gronkowski said. "Just the way that he can air the ball out and put a dime where he needs to ...

I just feel like he can do it. It is like he isn't even 43 years old." Brady threw two interceptions in his Buccaneers as the team lost on the road to New Orleans Saints. As numerous times before, many started writing off Brady after a bad performance but the 43-year-old quaertback played well in back-to-back games to help the Buccaneers beat the Carolina Panthers in Week 2 and the Denver Broncos in Week 3, respectively.

"Just the way he prepares, week in and week out, the way he takes care of himself, the way he goes out to the practice field to make sure that he's on-point -- seeing what I see, from day in and day out, coming to practice, coming to games prepared, mentally and physically, and just doing everything he needs to do so he can make those [tight-window] passes," Gronkowski said.

"And those passes are incredible. Just the way that he puts them in there, there's not even any separation ... he just lays it there so only the receiver can make a play -- it's just unbelievable. I think he has a lot left, even more, in the tank."

Gronkowski said it felt good to be involved in offense

Gronkowski didn't get much on the offense in the first two weeks, but in Week 3, he caught six of seven passes thrown his way, enough for 48 receiving yards in a 28-10 win over the Broncos.

"Not every week you're gonna get targets your way because you never know how the game's gonna go, but today, it went that way, where I had a lot of targets, and it just felt good to get involved," said Gronkowski, who called himself a "blocking tight entering" in the days leading up to Sunday's game.

"I just knew that if I kept week in, week out just practicing hard, doing what we need to do, it was going to click. I've been in the league for a while, and there are some games where you just don't get any looks, and then there are some games where you get a lot of looks. There's some games where I'm just not clicking and everything's just not clicking."