Patrick Mahomes weighs in on new NFL overtime rules for playoffs

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Patrick Mahomes weighs in on new NFL overtime rules for playoffs

Patrick Mahomes has indicated that he has nothing against the new overtime postseason rules as he has stated that his goal will always be to find a way to help his team witn the game. This week, the NFL announced starting from next season each team will have a chance to possess the ball in overtime.

In the divisional round, the Kansas City Chiefs scored a touchdown in the final moments of the game to force an overtime. In the overtime, the Chiefs got the first possession and scored a touchdown to progress into the AFC Championship Game.

“Your job is to find a way to win the game, no matter how long it takes,” Mahomes told Yahoo.

Mahomes: Sometimes it feel like a good decision, sometimes not

“I’m sure there’ll be moments where you feel like it’s a good decision,” Mahomes said.

“But then there will be moments when you score that touchdown first and you feel like it’s a bad one. So you just go out there and play and try to win the game whatever way”. Mahomes and the Chiefs had a disappointing end to last season.

The Chiefs were 21-3 up against the Cincinnati Bengals before the Bengals stormed back to win 28-24. "The leaders on this team know this isn't our standard,'' said Mahomes after the loss. "We want to win the Super Bowl. Whenever you taste winning the Super Bowl, anything less than that is not success.

"It's definitely disappointing. Here, with this group of guys that we have, we expect to be in that game and win that game, and anything less than that is not success. We'll go back and look at all the things we did well, the adversity we battled through, the team we became at the end of the season and try to learn from the mistakes we made and try to be better next year." Mahomes didn't perform well in the second half as the Chiefs offense scored a total of three points.

"A few plays here and there we could have four chances at the Super Bowl ... You can't let this end what we have here,'' Mahomes said. "You have to make sure you continue to battle, continue to get better and try to find ways to win Super Bowls." Mahomes doesn't have anymore one of his favorite free agents as Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

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