Bruce Arians addresses alleged rift with Tom Brady

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Bruce Arians addresses alleged rift with Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said he was surprised by the reports that suggested his and Tom Brady's relationship started souring. After the Buccaneers' season ended, it didn't take long for Brady to make up mind regarding his NFL future.

In early February, Brady announced he was retiring after 23 seasons. 40 days later, Brady announced he was returning for his 23rd season. Brady said he has "unfinished business" in Tampa and the fact that he decided to return to the Buccaneers suggests that his relationship with Arians and the team's office is perfectly fine.

“I have no clue where it comes from,” Arians said in a conversation with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche. “Somebody’s got to write a story every day about something. Tom and I have a great relationship.

Even during the retirement: ‘Where you at?’ ‘I’m in Italy.’ ‘How’s it going?’ ‘Got the kids over here.’ You know, just checking on him. I can’t get him back on the golf course because he’s traveling too much, so I can’t win enough money off him”.

Arians was absolutely thrilled after Brady came out of retirement

When Brady announced he was coming back, Arians admitted to feeling "ecstatic." “Tom Brady loves to play football as much as anyone I have ever been around.

As Tom said, his place right now is on the football field. He is still playing at a championship level and was as productive as anyone in the league last season. We are ecstatic that he decided to continue playing and working toward winning another championship,” Arians said.

Since Brady's announcement, the Buccaneers have signed free agents Russell Gage, Shaq Mason and Logan Ryan. When asked about why players choose to play with the Buccaneers, Arians mentioned Brady. “They know what Tom brings and we got a shot for another ring.

And that’s it. That’s bottom line,” Arians explained. “It’s all about the ring again. Not reloading, not seeing who’s going to do this, who’s going to do that, how we are we going to fit this guy in.

Everybody knows their role again right now. . . . The smile really hasn’t come off my face. I’m drinking too much, but other than that it’s been a constant celebration. It was huge for us to have Tom back”.

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