Russell Wilson breaks Patrick Mahomes' record in win over Cowboys

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Russell Wilson breaks Patrick Mahomes' record in win over Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw five touchdown passes against the Dallas Cowboys and broke Patrick Mahomes record for the most touchdown passes thrown through a team's first three weeks of the season.

Wilson, who has thrown 14 touchdowns passes so far this season, broke the record 2020 Super Bowl MVP Mahomes posted in 2018. The Seahawks beat the Cowboys 38-31 in Week 3 and now they own a perfect 3-0 record. "He's just on it," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said of Wilson, per ESPN.

"You're watching a great football player do what he does best. I'm just really excited about what happens next time we go out."

Wilson was there to comfort DK Metcalf

Seahawks WR Metcalf appeared to be set for a 63-yard receiving touchdown but he casually held the ball while crossing the goal line and a Cowboys defender poked the ball for a touchback.

It was a big mistake from Metcalf -- but Wilson came to talk to him -- and the sophomore wide receiver made a Game-winning catch late in the game. "There's no excuse for it," Wilson said of Metcalf's error.

"He knows that. He wants to be the best in the world. And the good thing about him is he'll never do it again and he'll be ready the next opportunity that comes to him. He's like a little brother to me. We're so close.

I told him, I said, 'Listen, there's another opportunity. When it comes your way, you're going to make the play.' Just speaking life into it; just knowing that something great's going to happen. "Sure enough, he makes the game-winning touchdown, which worked out for us."

The Cowboys scored 16 unanswered points to level the score to 31-31, before the Seahawks scored a touchdown and convert a two-point play. "What's great about our club in that situation is the mentality," Carroll said.

"And it starts with me, but it filters through all of the coaches and the players and fortunately Russell is on our team, and Russell's brain just will not accept anything but coming through and finishing a win, and finding a way to do that.

It's all in there. It's kind of almost embedded in us now, that we just keep on hanging, and keep clawing and scratching and trying to do things right longer than the other guys and finish these games. I know it's terrible for the fans, they're all tearing their hair out and all that, but I always tell you, you got to suck it up.

That's the way it is. This is the way we do it. I know this sounds kind of sick, but I kind of like it like that."