Report reveals if Aaron Rodgers knew about Davante Adams situation

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Report reveals if Aaron Rodgers knew about Davante Adams situation

Aaron Rodgers reportedly knew about Davante Adams' evolving deal with the Las Vegas Raiders when he signed a massive extension with the Green Bay Packers, a source told USA Today Sports. Last week, it was confirmed that the Packers managed to convince Rodgers to stay in Green Bay.

Rodgers agreed on a massive extension as he inked a three-year deal, worth $150 million. Rodgers is now the highest-paid player in the NFL. Packers fans were hoping Adams would be the next to sign a big deal with the Packers but the wideout decided to take his talents to Las Vegas.

On March 8, the Packers placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on Adams but the wideout reportedly told the team he wouldn't play on the franchise tag again. The Raiders gave Adams a five-year, $141 million and the Packers matched that offer - but the wideout didn't want to play in Green Bay anymore.

Rodgers recalled an Adams story

When Rodgers was out in Week 7, Adams and Randall Cobb left a spot between them during the national anthem. That spot was where Rodgers usually stands. "When I got that photo from Randall and Davante, it brought tears to my eyes because that's my guys standing before the game," Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show.

"Randall's always on my right, Tae's on my left and I embrace with both of them after the anthem. It's a part of the pregame ritual but also a statement about friendship and love and the connection that we have collectively and individually in our own friendships.

"They held space and an open spot for me in the game I missed because of my positive COVID test, and that got me, man. And that's one of my favorite photos from the year. It really is because it just shows the love and how special each of those moments are, so that's one of my all-time favorite photos and the thought that went into doing that was deeply moving to me, especially with how crazy that week was.

To get that photo after the game from them, it got me." Rodgers and Adams had been one of the most formidable duos in the NFL for years. The Packers were in danger of losing both of their stars this offseason but at least they managed to convince Rodgers to stay.