Greg Olsen explains why Russell Wilson was frustrated with Seahawks

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Greg Olsen explains why Russell Wilson was frustrated with Seahawks

Former Seattle Seahawks tight end Greg Olsen suggested the team's ideology led to Russell Wilson being frustrated and ultimately wanting out of Seattle. Last week, the Seahawks stunned the NFL world when they sent Wilson to the Denver Broncos.

Wilson played one season in Seattle and he addressed the trade during his appearance on the Colin Cowherd Podcast. “I never thought they had a personnel issue,” Olsen told Cowherd. “The conversations I would have with the coaches and the amount of pushback and the amount of questions I would get in return, saying ‘I’m not sure if we could do this.

I’m not sure if we could protect this.’ I’d sit there scratching my head. It was like we were playing with a JV roster. It was like we were playing with a rookie undrafted quarterback. It was very interesting to me.

“The ideology there was always defense first, kicking game, punt the ball, field position, forced turnovers, and then hand the ball over to Russ at the end of the game and say, ‘Go be magic.’ I just think it was part of Russell’s frustration.

I think it’s why he said, ‘I want to go somewhere where this is going to be an offensive, quarterback-driven team every Sunday with the ball in my hand, like Aaron Rodgers.’”

Wilson appeared to be ready to stay with Seattle

The Washington Commanders didn't hide that they tried to trade for Wilson - but the quarterback wasn't interested in trading his no trade clause for Washington.

"I love the East Coast, but I think the West Coast is better for me right now," Wilson said. "I've got my whole family over here. I'm from Richmond [Virginia], I know what you mean. I've got people hitting me up every day, all my friends and all that from the East Coast."

After the Seahawks' season ended, Wilson said his focus was on the Seahawks. "It is what it is," Wilson said in January. "And I think it's part of the game. It's part of stuff that happens ... It is what it is.

It's what makes the game fun ... I'm focused on Seattle right now, though. I'm focused on where I'm at. But yeah, you see that in any sport, I think a lot of players move and change, but for me, I'm focused on Seattle and where I'm at right now."