Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. wants to 'repay' RB Nick Chubb

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Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. wants to 'repay' RB Nick Chubb

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. says running back Nick Chubb has done a lot of good since he signed with the team last season and now he wants to repay him on the field. Beckham, who has been one of the flashiest receivers since coming to the NFL in 2014, is willing to sacrifice his body for blocking as he wants to help Chubb have success on the field.

Last season, Chubb finished second in rushing yards and he proved that he's a big-time running back in the league. "I owe you," Beckham said to Chubb, per the team's website. "I want that big block that springs him free just to see him running down the field.

Just to see him running free and down the sideline is going to be a great feeling." The Browns have one of the most talented running backs corps in the league as Kareem Hunt, who led the league in rushing yards in his rookie season in 2017, is also a member of the Browns.

"Nick Chubb needs to be the No. 1 rusher in the league, or Kareem, too," Beckham said. "You have two legitimate No. 1 backs in the backfield, and our team is very, very, very good at running the football, so you have to play to your strengths."

Beckham thinks he is growing as a player

"I think you learn where you fit in and where you are able to make your plays and how you can help the team," Beckham said. "I think a lot of my growth came in just knowing that is what it's going to be and finding a way to create that block that springs (Chubb), or whatever it is to help us win."

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski wants to see quarterback Baker Mayfield and Beckham having a strong connection but he also suggests the two could benefit from strong performances by Chubb and Hunt. "As it relates to the offense, whether it's just (Beckham and Mayfield) in particular, I would really hope that we are one game better every single week here," Stefanski said in his postgame interview.

"That is going to be the precision of the pass game. You would hope that with more game reps, it helps the offensive line, helps the backs and helps the receivers. In total, I think that these game reps are totally invaluable to what we are doing. I really hope that there is a constant improvement going on."