Woman suing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones 'not after money'

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Woman suing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones 'not after money'

Alexandra Davis lawyers' claim their client isn't going after Jerry Jones because she wants money but because she wants the agreement that is not allowing her to say who her real father is to be tossed. in the lawsuit, Davis claims her mother and Jones reached an agreement in 1996.

In the agreement, it was stated Jones would pay an agreed amount of money, while Davis and her mother would never publicly name Jones as the Davis' father. "Ms. Davis' lawsuit does not seek the recovery of money," wrote Davis' lawyers, Andrew A.

Bergman and Jay K. Gray, of Dallas, in a statement released to ESPN. "Ms. Davis' lawsuit seeks only to have a Court declare that she is not bound to an agreement entered into that attempts to prohibit her from stating who her real father is.

Surely, anyone can understand this need of a child no matter what age to have the ability to say they have a father without the fear of reprisal."

'Davis spent the life living fatherless'

The complaint says that Davis "has lived her life fatherless and in secret and in fear that if she should tell anyone who her father was, she and her mother would lose financial support, or worse.

Meanwhile, Jones was extremely disappointed with the way the Cowboys' season ended. The Cowboys suffered a 23-17 loss to the San Francisco in the wildcard "Now let me be real clear, one of the pet peeves I have is that I don't like this, 'Well, we've got to work on this in the offseason.
We've got to work on this.'

I don't go for that," Jones said after the season ended. "I want those things recognized and addressed after we play Tampa after the first game or after we play the sixth game. I don't want to wait until we're sitting here with no season left to address these things we're doing or not doing.

"So all of that is in the mix here and a part of what I do. ... The ultimate decision on these coaches and anywhere around here is one that I have to make, so the guy that you're the toughest on should be the one in the mirror.

He's the one that has the ultimate responsibility, and consequently, I get to operate at that guy's timeline."