Antonio Brown makes stunning allegations against Bruce Arians

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Antonio Brown makes stunning allegations against Bruce Arians

Antonio Brown claims there is a history of Bruce Arians disliking him as the wideout says Arians thought he "was not smart enough to play the 'X' position" while they were together with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There has been a tension between Brown and Arians ever since the Week 17 incident against the New York Jets. “[Ryan Clark] and I know how Arians used to treat me,” Brown said on The Pivot podcast. “You and I know that Bruce Arians said that A.B.

isn’t smart enough to play the ‘X’ position. You and I know that Ben Roethlisberger had to say enough is enough and tell Bruce Arians that we have to play this guy. The public doesn’t know that”.

Brown: Arians didn't respect me

Brown took off his pads and stormed off the field in Week 17 against the Jets. After the game, Brown said he told Arians he couldn't enter the game because his ankle was severely injured - to which Arians responded by telling him to "get the f--- out of here."

“Bruce Arians has to respect me as a player,” Brown added. “I’m in the middle of a game, how you gonna tell me get the ‘F’ out of here? You know how it is in a game with testosterone and how you act on game day.

You probably would have slapped him. If I can’t play, I can’t play. It’s a deltoid ligament. . . . I have to have surgery in the next couple weeks. . . . I know I make football look easy and I know I could run 17 or 18 miles per hour, which is not normal with a hurt ankle, but I can’t do that over the course of a year.

I’ll kill myself. I don’t have no mental health problem. I’m just about respect. I stand on principle”. Recently, Arians praised Brown. Brown was with the Buccaneers for two years and helped the team win the 2020 Super Bowl.

“Nobody works any harder than [Antonio Brown],” Arians said on the Pat McAfee Show. “He’s always in great shape, skill-set’s unbelievable. He’s one of those guys that doesn’t age”.

Also, Arians said he was sad with how Brown's career with the Buccaneers came to an end. “I was sad the way it happened, but it happened,” Arians said.