GM Brian Gutekunst explains why Green Bay Packers want Aaron Rodgers back

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GM Brian Gutekunst explains why Green Bay Packers want Aaron Rodgers back

Green Bay Packers general managed Brian Gutekunst doesn't want to think or to speak of what could happen if Aaron Rodgers decides to continue his career outside Green Bay. Rodgers is still undecided on his NFL future as there is a chance he decides to play next season, but not in Green Bay.

"Those are some hypotheticals that I don't think we're going to go down those roads right now," Gutekunst said, per ESPN. It was reported that Rodgers was extremely unhappy with the Packers after the 2020 season.

Rodgers and the Packers sat down and eventually the quarterback decided to return for 2021. Some think Rodgers was promised a trade if he wanted out after the 2021 season. Gutekunst says that's not true. "That was not something I told him," Gutekunst insisted.

"Again, I think the whole conversation with Aaron last season before he came back was that, regardless, at the end of this past season, that we would sit down as a group and we would work it out one way or another."

Gutekunst on why the Packers want Rodgers back

Rodgers has won back-to-back NFL MVP awards but the Packers failed to win the Super Bowl in each of the past two seasons. Gutekunst says the Packers want Rodgers back because they feel he gives them the best chance at winning.

"Because I think we've got as good a shot as anybody to win a Super Bowl next year," Gutekunst said when asked why he wouldn't want to trade Rodgers. "He's the MVP of the league. That's our goal.

I think we have an opportunity to do it right now. That's why." Also, Gutekunst was asked if he knew on which way Rodgers was leaning - returning or leaving the Packers. "That not a question I can answer for you," Gutekunst said.

"Obviously he's going through his process. I think the one thing that I know for sure is Aaron takes this stuff very seriously. His performance and what he brings to our football team on so many different levels, he puts a lot into that and he knows how much work it takes during the offseason to prepare himself to give to our team what he does.

So I think he's going through his process right now to get himself ready to make sure he knows that he wants to do that because I don't think it's easy what he does to prepare for a season."