Saints QB Drew Brees shrugs off talk about his decline

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Saints QB Drew Brees shrugs off talk about his decline

After a slow start to the season, many have started asking whether we have seen the best from legendary New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees performed well enough in Week 1 to help the Saints beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but in Week 2 he disappointed as the Saints were upset by the Las Vegas Raiders.

Brees' average of 4.82 air yards is the lowest of any quarterback through two games since Brett Favre in 2009, according to ESPN Stats & Information. When mentioned that particular statistic, Brees didn't appear to be particularly worried.

"I feel good, I feel good. Borderline great," Brees said, per ESPN. "You know one of the statistics that was thrown out after the game was the yards per attempt or something like that. There are many statistics I do not pay one bit of attention to -- and that would be one of them.

At the end of the day, I am focused on putting us in position to succeed, making great decisions, both in the run game or pass game, whatever is predicated on my ability to get us in the best play. And our ability to take care of the football and go and score points, put us in the best position to win.

Those are the things I'm focused on, and I don't care how we do it. I honestly don't. I just want to win football games."

Brees 'confident' the Saints will figure it all out

The Saints have one of the most gifted offensive teams in the entire NFL and they entered this season as Super Bowl contenders.

"I'm confident with the guys we have and the system we have that we're gonna get back on track," Brees said. "I think we have always been one of the best teams in the league, probably in history, at the precision of the passing game.

And I think we are on our way to being back there very soon." On Sunday Night Football, the Saints will host the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have started the season 2-0 and Packers coach Matt LaFleur says he has all the respect for Brees.

"Well, I still see a guy who is a Hall of Famer," LaFleur said. "I've had the opportunity or misfortune, however you look at it, of going against him many times. There's a reason he'll be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

"Usually [the slow start] is an anomaly that doesn't happen very often and it's just a matter of time before he gets it rolling like we're all accustomed to. ... So you can never take that for granted or let your guard down, because as soon as you do, he's going to go out there and dice you and hang 45 on you."