Los Angeles Rams' Aaron Donald, Sean McVay hint what they plan to do

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Los Angeles Rams' Aaron Donald, Sean McVay hint what they plan to do

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has indicated that he won't retire after this season. Before the Super Bowl LVI, former NFL safety Rodney Harrison said Donald told him he could walk away from the game if he becomes a Super Bowl champion.

The Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 and now Donald's list of personal accomplishments includes a Super Bowl victory. On Wednesday, the Rams held their Super Bowl parade in Los Angeles. Rams head coach Sean McVay also didn't want to confirm he would return for the next season after the Super Bowl victory.

"Aaron -- Sean McVay just tapped me on the shoulder," emcee J.B. Long announced. "He wanted to know if you were interested in running it back." Then McVay began a not-so-subtle chant. Run it back! Run it back!

Run it back! "We built a super team, we can bring the super team back," Donald said, igniting boisterous cheers, most notably from McVay. "Why not run it back? We can be world champs again!"

Donald didn't want to speak much after the game

As expected, the first thing Donald was asked after the game if he was planning to return for 2022.

"I'm just in the moment right now," Donald said after the game. "I'm enjoying this with my family. I promised my daughter this when she was 5 years old, to play in the confetti ... so I'm just in the moment right now.

I'm going to enjoy this with my teammates, my family and I'm just going to be in the moment and enjoy this today, for a couple days, how about that? It's a blessing." Coach McVay was also asked about Donald and expressed his desire that the defensive tackle would return for the next season.

"I certainly hope that means he still wants to be a Ram," McVay said after the Super Bowl. "But guys like him are why you coach. He has elevated everybody. I think the epitome of greatness is making everybody that you're around in every situation you're a part of better.

That's exactly what Aaron does. And that still doesn't do justice to what an impact he's made in terms of elevating our whole organization. I promise you guys -- I was mic'd up so you guys can hear -- when it was the fourth down and you could see they got in the shotgun and they were probably not going to run the football, I said, 'Aaron is probably going to close the game out right here.' And he is the F'in man."