Tom Brady addresses Rob Gronkowski's future after his retirement

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Tom Brady addresses Rob Gronkowski's future after his retirement

Tom Brady has admitted that he would like to see Rob Gronkowski keep playing football as he insists the 32-year-old is a very inspirational person. Gronkowski, 32, retired from the NFL three years ago but came out of retirement two years ago to join Brady in Tampa Bay.

Brady and Gronkowski formed a strong duo in Tampa as they helped the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl a year ago. "I certainly hope so," Brady said on his "Let's Go!" podcast when asked if he believes Gronkowski will continue his career.

"I mean, I've watched him basically practice and play since he started in the NFL. He can certainly do it. It's a big commitment for all of us. It's a big commitment to keep playing. And I know when he's willing to make that commitment he's unstoppable out there as a player.

So he'll have a lot of opportunity in every aspect of life because of who he is and his personality and what he brings to what he does. So I sure hope so. "And there's a lot of players that are gonna be facing those tough decisions and really weighing the risks [and] the rewards to continue to play.

But Gronk is someone that I love. He's an inspirational person for me, an inspirational friend, teammate. And I think football's a lot better when he's in it."

Brady retired, Gronkowski's future uncertain

Following a divisional round loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Brady announced his retirement from the NFL.

Gronkowski has never played with another quarterback and he hinted in late January that he could follow the same path and retire from the game. "I mean, the process of the season, of losing the playoffs, whatever it is, the emotions are flying high, your feelings all over the place last night to today," Gronkowski said in late January.

"Seeing all the guys, you know, it's kind of an emotional battle, up and down for sure. I believe you really can't make a decision in that mindset. The process, I would say, is take some time off, recover, let the body heal, see where your thoughts are, see where your feelings are, give it a couple weeks and then go from there."

Gronkowski hasn't yet made any official announcements but it wouldn't be surprising to see him walking away from the game after Brady's retirement.