Cooper Kupp after Super Bowl; "I'm here today because of my girlfriend"

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Cooper Kupp after Super Bowl; "I'm here today because of my girlfriend"

The Hollywood story of Cooper Kupp, a guy that many have sinned against Another great movie story was born in Hollywood and the main character in Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp. Whether he will appear on the big screen, time will tell, but the path of the 28-year-old NFL champion will be talked about in the years to come.

Although he achieved excellent numbers in high school, he did not receive a college scholarship, so he looked for a place under the sun. On the night between Sunday and Monday, he realized his dream, and after the season to remember, he made a big step towards the Hall of Fame.

The Rams were better than the Cincinnati Bengals in the 56th Super Bowl after a great fight and comeback(23:20). The hero of the historical triumph was Cooper Kupp. Cooper Kupp caught the winning touchdown at 85 seconds until the end of the game and paved the way for the team from the City of Angels to win and the second Vince Lombardi trophy in the history of the franchise.

The first since they moved from St. Louis to Missouri in 2015 to the sunny coast of California. Yellow flags flew in the finish on all sides, the Rams were approaching the end zone, but they were still lagging behind the Bengals (16:20).

Matthew Stafford's pass to the right followed, and Cooper Kupp was in the right place. He launched himself into the air and caught the ball to the delight of everyone present. His second touchdown of the match after quarterback Stafford's pass, 22nd this season.

They became the second-best tandem in the NFL after Tom Brady and Randy Moss (23 touchdown combinations in 2007). The Bengals then blew up the attack, handed over possession to the rival after the unused fourth down, and the great reaction of the defender of the team from El Aa, Aaron Donald - the celebration could begin.

Cooper Kupp thus crowned the historical season in the best possible way - with the award for the most useful player in the Super Bowl. He was previously named the best offensive player in the NFL, and he also managed to win the triple crown, as he was the player with the most caught passes, the most yards, and touchdowns.

Cooper Kupp family and girlfriend

Cooper Kupp became the fourth player in the history of the league to succeed. He comes from a sports family. His grandfather defended the colors of the Saints in the 60s of the last century, and Cooper Kupp's father also played football in the 90s, but he was also his first coach.

He excelled in high school, finishing with 110 catches for 2,100 yards. It was not enough to seduce the biggest colleges, but it was not enough to deserve a scholarship. He finished at Eastern Washington and then arrived in Los Angeles in 2017 as the 69th pick in the third round of the draft.

He entered the small door, and today he is the NFL champion. Since he did not have a scholarship, he had to find a way to support himself. However, he had a guardian angel by his side - his girlfriend Ana Croskrey(today Ana Kupp).

She decided to get a job during her studies in order to provide financial support to Cooper Kupp, she believed that one day he could become a star. "I supported him during college. I worked full time and he didn't have to worry about money, he could dedicate himself to football," said the wife of the LA Rams receiver.

Two years ago, he signed a three-year collaboration with the City of Angel's team worth $ 48,000,000. Ana was right. "I really don't think I would be here if I wasn't part of the NFL if it weren't for her if she hadn't inspired me and pushed me to achieve the highest goals," Cooper Kupp said.