Los Angeles Rams' Aaron Donald noncommittal on his future after the Super Bowl win

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Los Angeles Rams' Aaron Donald noncommittal on his future after the Super Bowl win

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald was noncommittal on his future after the Rams won the Super Bowl LVI. Donald, a first round pick in the 2014 NFL draft, made it clear this postseason that the only thing he was lacking was a Super Bowl ring.

On Sunday, Donald won his first Super Bowl ring after the Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. "I'm just in the moment right now," Donald said, per ESPN. "I'm enjoying this with my family. I promised my daughter this when she was 5 years old, to play in the confetti ...

so I'm just in the moment right now. I'm going to enjoy this with my teammates, my family and I'm just going to be in the moment and enjoy this today, for a couple days, how about that? It's a blessing."

Von Miller on Donald's future

"I don't know, man," outside linebacker Millers said when asked about Donald's future. "He's done everything you could possibly do. But this feeling right here, there's nothing like it.

It's addictive, once you feel this. Coming to the Super Bowl is one thing, but winning it is different. Donald is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year and he has seven First-team All-Pro selections. "We'll just have to see.

He's done so much, but I tell you, this feeling is great. It just makes you want it more and more and more. But he's definitely capped off a great career if he chooses to do that. But this is an addictive feeling, man, and I just can't see him walking away from this."

Meanwhile, Rams safety Eric Weddle confirmed his career was over. "It was pretty much set in stone, so yeah, I'll go back to my daily life pretty banged up right now," Weddle said. "But hey, it's well worth it, well worth the moment."

Weddle came out of retirement this postseason to join the Rams. Weddle thanked his first team, the Los Angeles Chargers, for giving him the motivation. "I want to thank the Chargers for drafting me and I also want to thank old Tom Telesco for the way things ended there, and showing me the light, and giving me that motivation and that fire," Weddle said.

"The way things ended there, I appreciated that and I always said that Eric Weddle will get the last laugh, and I'm a world champion right now."