Scott Zolak: Tom Brady told 'f--- you' to the New England Patriots

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Scott Zolak: Tom Brady told 'f--- you' to the New England Patriots

Former New England Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak says if Tom Brady intentionally omitted the Patriots from his retirement statement, that was basically a 'f--- you' to the organization. Brady, who announced his retirement from the NFL last Tuesday, thanked the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers but there no single mention of the Patriots.

Brady spent the first 20 seasons of his career with the Patrots and won six Super Bowls. “On the day that he retires from the sport that gave him life — the game of football — that gave him opportunities to even have the ability to start his next three companies that he mentions in his final statement – the final part of his statement," Zolak said during his appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolan and Bertrand.

"I go back to back the statement, I read it this morning, the one he released when he left New England, where he did thank all those New England people. He’s either one cold, calculating son of a b—- where you can release that and say, ‘That’s it.

That part of my life is done. This is my new venture and it was Tampa Bay and now I’m just gonna thank those. I already did New England, now I’m doing you.’"

'Brady told f--- you to the Patriots'

“If he did that on the day that he just retires from football — he’s the greatest player to ever play the game.

We know what the legacy is. You win six here. You bookended dynasties: three in the front, three at the end, and then you walked. There was times in between there, whatever, it was back and forth. This would be a massive ‘F you’ to the fans, to RKK [Robert Kraft], to anybody who helped develop him to be the maniacal nut job of a player he is now and competitor," Zolak added.

Reportedly, Patriots owner Robert Kraft had a temper tantrum after Brady didn't mention in his retirement statement. "I was told earlier tonight that … it was an unpleasant day today at the executive offices in Foxboro and that Robert Kraft initially when he first heard the news was very upset," former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson said on NBC Sports’ “Boston Sports Tonight”.

"He was screaming and he was yelling and there was a temper tantrum that he threw after he read this IG post. So, he was not happy about it in Foxboro, and I'm not surprised. But to hear about the outward emotion that he showed regarding this post was a little bit surprising."