Jason McCourty on the 2017 Cleveland Browns: No way we were trying to win

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Jason McCourty on the 2017 Cleveland Browns: No way we were trying to win

Jason McCourty thinks coach Hue Jackson was speaking truth when he suggested Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam incentivized him to lose football games. The Browns went 1-31 during the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Jackson was fired midway through the 2018 season.

“I was in Cleveland in 2017,” McCourty said on his podcast, according to Pro Football Talk. “There’s no way we were trying to win. It was very obvious. That is to no surprise to anyone. You don’t need me to corroborate the story and say ‘We were tanking, we were trying to lose.’ Duh.

I said this when I got to New England, you realize winning in the NFL is not easy, so you don’t want to take it for granted, you celebrate your wins. But the year I spent in Cleveland also taught me, winning ain’t this hard either.

You don’t just go 1-31. It’s not that hard to figure out on the other end of it”.

Jackson softened his comments on the Browns

A few days ago on Twitter, Jackson appeared to suggest he was offered money to lose.

Now Jackson is saying he wasn't offered money to lose games. “No, I was never offered money like Brian had mentioned,” Jackson told CNN. “I think this is a totally different situation but has some similarities”.

However, Jackson did say he wasn't a fan of the plan Browns owner Haslam had in place. “I told Jimmy that what he was doing was very destructive, to not do this because it’s going to hurt my career and every other coach that worked with me and every player on the team.

And I told him that it would hurt every Black coach that would follow me. And I have the documents to prove this,” Jackson said. Jackson was asked why he doesn't produce those documents. “Those things will come to light at the right time," Jackson added.

After Jackson appeared to suggest he was offered money to lose games, Browns owner Haslam fired back at Jackson. "Unequivocally, Hue Jackson was never paid to lose games," Haslam said. "That is an absolute falsehood.

And it's also an absolute falsehood that I laughed while we were losing." Also, Haslam said Jackson is someone who doesn't accept any type of blame. "Hue Jackson has never ever accepted any responsibility for our record during that time period," Haslam told the Knoxville News Sentinel.

"He's been masterful at pointing fingers but has never accepted any blame. I have accepted a ton of blame, and rightfully so."