A San Francisco 49ers fan in a medically induced coma after getting beat

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A San Francisco 49ers fan in a medically induced coma after getting beat

San Francisco 49ers fan Daniel Luna was placed in a medically induced coma after an apparent beating that took place outside the Los Angeles Rams' SoFi Stadium. The 49ers took on the Rams in the NFC Championship Game at SoFi Stadium this past Sunday.

Luna, who owns a restaurant in Oakland, was discovered on the ground half-hour into the 49ers and Rams game. Luna was wearing a 49ers jersey and black pants. "(Emergency room staff) believe he suffered from an assault at the stadium to his upper body and facial area,” Inglewood Police Lt.

Geoffrey Meeks said. “We are relying heavily on video to try to identify the people involved. We are going to leave no stone unturned”.

The San Francisco 49ers failed to reach the Super Bowl

The 49ers blew a 17-7 fourth quarter lead as the Rams beat the 49ers 20-17 to make the Super Bowl.

The 49ers had the final drive of the game and a chance to seal the win but their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw an interception that sealed the 49ers' loss. Garoppolo, who is expected to be traded by the 49ers, was extremely emotional after the game.

"[The emotions] hit pretty hard in the locker room," Garoppolo said. "I think these next couple of days it will really start to settle in a little bit. Emotions are high after a game win or loss, and it's one of those things you've got to be glad it happened, smile from it, and think about the good things.

We'll see what happens in these next couple days, weeks, whatever, but I love this team. Just the fight and the battle in this team throughout the entire year has been really impressive. I love those guys." This week, Garoppolo confirmed the 49ers are trying to trade him.

"I was talking to John yesterday about finding the right destination and whatever the future holds, just doing it the right way," Garoppolo said. "I've got a long career ahead of me. I'm excited about it.

I'm excited about the opportunities to come. I just want to go to a place where they want to win. That's really what I'm in this game for. I'm here to play football, win football games and as long as I've got that and good people around me, I think the rest will take care of itself."