Hayden Hurst on Dak Prescott opening on mental health:Respect, I had suicide attempt

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Hayden Hurst on Dak Prescott opening on mental health:Respect, I had suicide attempt

Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst approached Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott after Sunday's game to show his support. Just before the season started, Prescott opened up about batting depression and anxiety after his battle committed a suicide this past April.

Fox Sports 1's Skip Bayless wasn't having it as he openly said on his "Undisputed" show that he had no sympathy for Prescott. "I don't have sympathy for [Prescott] going public with, 'I got depressed' and 'I suffered depression early in COVID to the point that I couldn't even go work out.'

Look, he's the quarterback of America's team," Bayless said. Hurst wasn't a fan at all of Bayless' comments. "To be totally honest with you, when I saw what Skip Bayless said, it just really upset me -- that Dak had the courage to come out and talk about that and how it affected his family, how it affected him -- and those [Bayless] comments, I thought, were just disgusting," Hurst told ESPN.

"For a guy to come out and talk about that topic and use his platform to try and help and save lives, I've got nothing but respect for him because I know how hard it is going through stuff like that."

Hurst himself battled mental health issues

"It hit my family hard.

My uncle killed himself. My cousin killed himself. And I had my own stuff with addiction and my attempted suicide. I know how much courage it takes to come out and talk about that. And for a guy like [Bayless] to blast Dak on his show, on national television, I think that's just wrong.

So I wanted to go up to Dak and talk to him and tell him how much I appreciated it." The Falcons led 39-24 with just less than five minutes to go in the game before Prescott and the Cowboys scored 16 unanswered points to create a major comeback and win 40-39.

Hurst thinks a high profile figure such as Prescott coming out and speaking about mental health issues will "save a lot of lives." "I thought it was awesome," Hurst told ESPN. "I'm sure Dak Prescott doesn't really know who I am.

But I know the courage that takes, because a lot of people don't like talking about mental health. They're afraid to talk about it. They're embarrassed. If guys like Dak Prescott can come out and talk about it, I think he's going to save a lot of lives.

I think that's cool. I admire him. And I'll be a Dak Prescott fan forever. I think he's an awesome guy."