Nick Bosa trolls Cowboys after 49ers' win in wild card round (PIC)

Bosa and the 49ers beat the Cowboys in the wild card round.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Bosa trolls Cowboys after 49ers' win in wild card round (PIC)

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa trolled the Dallas Cowboys after the 49ers knocked out the Cowboys from the playoffs. Last Sunday, the 49ers beat the Cowboys 23-17 at AT&T Stadium to progress into the divisional round.

The Cowboys are known as "America's team." After beating the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, Bosa trolled the Cowboys by saying the 49ers were the new America's team.

Bosa wasn't the only 49er to troll the Cowboys

After the game, 49ers Jimmie Ward said their goal was make the Cowboys throw to ball.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott didn't deliver and the Cowboys lost. “We went in there and did what we needed to do: Stop the run and force them to be one-dimensional. See if Prescott could win the game for them,” Ward said after the game.

There was a lot at stake since there's a big rivalry between the 49ers and Cowvoys "I said, 'These guys become everyone's heroes because of what you do in the playoffs, not what you do in the season,'" 40ers coach Kyle Shanahan said after his team's harrowing win.

"I don't think our guys totally know the rivalry. They've got an idea now. But they knew the moment, and they were ready for it." The Cowboys lost the game after failing to spike the ball in time. "When you've practiced it as much as we've done over and over again, you're not necessarily worried about it," Prescott said.

"You trust your training that you put into it. ... I mean the rest of it, you don't prepare for things like [colliding with the umpire], but I guess we'll start having to, knowing the way this played out." Cowboys' Micah Parsons wasn't happy with officiating after the game.

"When we were younger, we just said it was bias, you know, people just hate the Cowboys," rookie linebacker Parsons said. "I just think we were playing hard, you know. I think when you tend to play hard and you want to make a play, you tend to jump offsides or you tend to put a hands to the face or you know you might hold by accident or even if it wasn't a hold you never know how they might perceive it.

"I just felt like a couple of them were very questionable and very bias towards us. But then again, it's our fault, we shouldn't be put in that position. I'm going to take full accountability, and I hope everyone else does, too."

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