Cam Akers reacts to taunting unconscious Budda Baker

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Cam Akers reacts to taunting unconscious Budda Baker
Cam Akers reacts to taunting unconscious Budda Baker (Provided by Sport World News)

Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers insisted he was unaware of what after the play that left Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker. While the Rams were up by 20 in the fourth quarter, Akers took a handoff from quarterback Matthew Stafford and carried the ball towards the left side.

Akers collided with Baker while carrying the ball and Baker's head hit the ground and rolled onto his back. Akers didn't realize it and started to taunt Baker. "Prays up to Budda. I didn’t know he was hurt after the play but I have nothing but respect for him," Akers tweeted.

Baker was stretchered off the field and taken to the hospital. “It was just a football play, nothing personal, obviously,” he said. “I’ve got the utmost respect for Budda and that team in general, so I hope he’s doing good.

Just a football play there”.

Baker doing good after the Akers hit

"Thank you for all the prayers, I'm doing good," Baker tweeted on Tuesday. Akers' Rams claimed a 34-11 win to set up a meeting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the divisional round.

"I'm just excited for our team to get the win," Stafford said. "What a team effort. Our defense played outstanding tonight, special teams basically set up a score with [punter] Johnny [Hekker] pinning them down there, did a great job on field goals.

And we were good enough on offense to score some points and come away with the win. Just happy to be moving on." Aaron Donald was thrilled with the way the Rams defende played throughout the match. "Guys were just flying around, playing fast, making big plays when we needed it," said defensive tackle Donald, one of the Rams' three first-team All-Pros, along with Kupp and cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

"That's what it's about. When you got 11 guys out there, you expect everybody to make a play at any time. A bunch of guys did that and did a good job of containing him, making the quarterback uncomfortable. He threw the ball to us; we took advantage of it." Odell Beckham Jr.

was glad he decided to sign with the Rams after clearing the waivers. "I feel like I've gotten to a certain age where I'm a realist and not an idealist, and I understood the situation of what I was coming into in this team and everything that they were capable of," Beckham said.

"And it just feels amazing to get that win. Get the first one off your back. Now knowing it's just time to put it together and make a run."