Derek Carr reveals what Raiders think of coach Rich Bisaccia after playoff exit

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Derek Carr reveals what Raiders think of coach Rich Bisaccia after playoff exit

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr made it clear he would have nothing against Rich Bisaccia returning as the Raiders head coach next year. After Jon Gruden resigned on October 11, Bisaccia was promoted as the interim head coach.

The Raiders made the playoffs, before they suffered a 26-19 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the wild card round on Saturday. "I think we can all think that he's the right guy," Carr said of Bisaccia, per ESPN.

. "He's proven that people listen to him. Our team listens to him. And I love him so much, I'm thankful for him. All those things will be decisions that I don't make, I don't get to make. I just play quarterback ...

but with everything that went on, if you really look at what happened, all the pieces missing, everything that changed, yeah, he held it together."

Carr glad with the job Bisaccia did

The Raiders battled the adversity throughout the entire season.

"You go on and on and on and on, and that's just offense," said Carr, who had driven the Raiders to the Bengals' 9-yard line before being intercepted at the 2-yard line on fourth-and-goal with 12 seconds to play Saturday night.

"The fact that that staff kept everything together and kept us competitive and kept us finding ways to win football games, I think that's what our organization is about, right? So, we'll see what happens. We know what we want to have happen.

But, again, we're Raiders. We're going to play football, but we just hope it, obviously, we hope it's for somebody special." Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby also endorsed for Bisaccia to return as the Raiders head coach.

"If it was up to me, I think everyone in the world knows what my decision would be," said Crosby, who had a sack among his six tackles on Saturday. "I love Rich. You know, I'm biased, obviously, but he's -- he's a great coach ...

he came in and got us to 10 wins. We came on the road, on a short week, and gave Cincinnati everything they could handle. "One of the best people I know. One of the most honest dudes I know. And I'll go to bat for him any day of the week.

I love that dude to death. He knows that. I appreciate everything he's brought to the table. I hope we keep doing it."