LeSean McCoy talks Tom Brady trash talking Drew Brees after ending his career

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LeSean McCoy talks Tom Brady trash talking Drew Brees after ending his career

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeSean McCoy recalled Tom Brady trash talking Drew Brees after a playoff game last year. The New Orleans Saints beat the Buccaneers twice in the regular season and Brady was determined to beat the Saints in the playoffs.

It was known that Brees was retiring after the season and Brady wanted to be the one that sent him into a retirement. “Another one right? This is a funny one,” McCoy said about Brady and Brees on the I Am Athlete podcast, per Total Pro Sports..

“We were playing the Saints, don’t kill my, Tom. This is a funny one, right? So they beat us twice that year. Beat the s*** out of us. They sweep us and then we meet in the playoffs. Everyone knows Drew Brees is retiring cause he wasn’t the same, arm wasn’t the same.

We beat ’em”. “So Tom is like, ‘Hey great to see you,’ all this great s–t, right? We beat ’em! [After the game] Tom is out there throwing with [Brees’)]kids. Him and his son, they’re throwing to Brees’ son, right? Kissing babies.

We get back to the locker room, Tom goes, ‘I got his ass! Let’s go! Sit his ass down!’. We were all like, ‘Ohhhh!'”

Brady aiming back-to-back Super Bowl wins

The Buccaneers beat the Carolina Panthers 41-17 in their regular season finale to lock the No.

2 and set up a wildcard game against the Philadelphia Eagles. “In the end, it’s a great achievement to get the two seed,” said Brady, who finished with a career-high 5,316 passing yards as he enters his 19th postseason.

“It just felt good to win today. Whatever happened with other teams, you can’t ever really control those things. Even for the next game – I don’t know, what, you’re worried about two games from now? I’m not worried about two games from now.

I’m worried about one game from now, which is the Eagles. I don’t care if the Rams would have won. That’s alright. We still got the Eagles, and that’s gonna be the biggest game of our season, and if we win – whoever we play, wherever we play, we’re still going and that’s what we wanna do”.

Brady helped his good friend Rob Gronkowski hit the $1 million in incentives against the Panthers. “It’s cool to hit those,” Gronkowski said. “Gonna have to bring out all the tight ends out to dinner, couple of the quarterbacks.

I don’t bring Tom (Brady). I’ll bring the backup quarterbacks out to dinner and all that good stuff. Take my coach out to dinner. Everybody’s expecting a little handout”.