Report suggests arrogance, bristling personality cost Brian Flores job

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Report suggests arrogance, bristling personality cost Brian Flores job

The report published on the Miami Herald could explain why the Miami Dolphins made a shocking decision to fire head coach Brian Flores. After losing seven consecutive games and starting the season 1-7, the Dolphins won seven consecutive games to improve to 8-7.

The Dolphins lost to the Tennessee Titans in Week 17 but beat the New England Patriots 33-24 in Week 18. The firing of coach Flores came as a major shock. “There were plenty of players who liked and admired Flores, and let’s be clear about that.

But his arrogance and bristling personality rubbed some the wrong way. A close associate of multiple young Dolphins said the players complained to him that ‘he doesn’t understand dealing with men. He’s not approachable,” Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald wrote.

“When Flores saw one young player in recent months, he told him: ‘Don’t come to my office talking about playing time.’ The player had no such intentions. But multiple sources said he treated players different ways; a veteran such as Jason McCourty wouldn’t be treated with that same heavy hand.

‘He was stern with some but joked around with some guys,’ the source said. ‘It was hard to read him.’”

Flores won his final game in Miami

After the game, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones said he embarrassed of his performance.

Jones completed 20-of-30 passes for 261 yards, had one touchdown and one interception. “It's super embarrassing, honestly, just from my point, just how I played -- wasn't good enough," Jones said. "I can be better.

It starts with me. I'm the quarterback and that's my job, is to make people around me have success." Despite the loss, the Patriots made the playoffs and are set to play the Buffalo Bills in the wildcard round this week.

“You have to watch the film and learn from it, and realize how embarrassing it is to play that way," said Jones, the 15th overall pick from Alabama. "But at the same time, we have a great opportunity next week and that's all you can ask for."

After the loss, Patriots tight end Hunter Henry defended Jones. “He's tough, he's resilient," Henry said. "He didn't play his best early, had some crucial mistake; I know he's going to learn from them and grow.

He's young. But still, just the resiliency of him, the toughness, taking some shots. He's a tough, tough dude."