Saints' Drew Brees: My job is to put everyone around me in best position to succeed

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Saints' Drew Brees: My job is to put everyone around me in best position to succeed

After the New Orleans Saints flopped in several areas on Monday Night Football against the Las Vegas Raiders, quarterback Drew Brees underlined his job is to "execute the offense" and "everyone around me in the best position to succeed."

The Saints suffered a road loss on Monday night as the Raiders, who relocated from Oakland to Las Vegas this offseason, won 34-24 in their first home game at the Allegiant Stadium. The Saints entered the match as the favorites but failed to perform at the level they were expected to perform and the Raiders escaped with an upset win.

"Well, my job is to execute the offense. ... My job's not to have the most air yards or throw the ball down the field most or anything like that," Brees said, per ESPN. "I think I've always evaluated myself on being a great decision-maker.

And so, at the end of the day, I'll throw the ball to the open guy, move the ball down the field, score points, help us win football games. So that's my job. My job's to help us win. My job's to help put everyone around me in the best position to succeed."

Brees admits the Saints aren't playing their best football

On Monday night, the Saints were without their No. 1 wide receiver Michael Thomas, who was forced to miss the game due to an injury. "Are we totally in sync right now? No, we're not.

We're not even close to where we are capable of. Not even close," Brews said. "We did some good things early on, but it just wasn't enough for the few opportunities that we had." Going forward, Brees thinks he and his teammates need to have a better balance on the offensive side and find ways to be more efficient.

"Again, I think we just need to be more efficient," Brees acknowledged. "We called a shot play or two today -- and just got the wrong coverage on both of them. So what could've been big-play opportunities, what could've been throws down the field unfortunately had to be checked down.

But I think both of those [resulted in completions for about 10 yards]. At the end of the day, our job is to move the ball and score points, however we have to do that." The Saints, who beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1, will host the Green Bay Packers in a Sunday Night Game this weekend.