Amari Cooper calls out Cowboys over lack of targets

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Amari Cooper calls out Cowboys over lack of targets

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper once again called out the Cowboys over the lack of targets. Cooper believes he can lead the league in every category but the Cowboys are not giving him enough targets. Cooper called out the Cowboys prior to the regular season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I really know that, if given the opportunity, I can lead the league in all categories,” Cooper conveyed to reporters on Wednesday, January 5, via The Athletic. “That’s just how I feel about my skill set that I’ve been blessed with.

Obviously that’s a goal of mine. But it’s just like basketball. If you want to make a hundred 3s, you got to shoot over a hundred. It’s the same with me. “If I want to catch a hundred balls, I’ve got to have those targets, and that’s not really in my control.

You know what I mean? I just play my part”.

Cooper enjoyed a solid game against the Eagles

On Saturday, Cooper was targeted seven times and he caught the ball five times. Cooper finished the game with 79 receiving yards.

Cooper also called out the Cowboys in late December. “I got to be honest, it actually does [bother me],” Cooper said on 105.3 The Fan. “Because, yeah, we’re winning, but the defense is playing a huge part in that.

We’re not really as explosive as we should be. We’re not converting a lot of their turnovers into touchdowns. A lot of them are field goals. And I feel like I could be a huge part of that, so that’s what frustrates me”.

Meanwhile, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott broke Tony Romo's record of 36 touchdown passes thrown in 2007. Prescott threw five touchdown passes in a 51-26 win over the Eagles on Saturday night. "I mean, if I wasn't in [a slump], I guess I could've done it a while back," Prescott said.

"But, yeah, I mean it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool to get a record like that. I mean obviously knowing who's come before me and who played the position here before me. I'm just the beneficiary of a lot of hard work, playcalling, offensive line protecting and a bunch of different guys making plays."

Prescott admitted he didn't know for what were the Cowboys coaches congratulating him after his fifth touchdown. "I thought they were saying congrats for five touchdowns, to be honest," Prescott said.