Chargers QB Justin Herbert thought HC was joking when told he'd start against Chiefs

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Chargers QB Justin Herbert thought HC was joking when told he'd start against Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert had to be told several times that he would be the team's starting quarterback for their Week 2 game against the Kansas City Chiefs as he didn't believe his coach Anthony Lynn at first.

Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who led the Chargers to a Week 1 win over Cincinnati Bengals, was experiencing chest pain that necessitated a trip to the hospital just before the game against the Chiefs. The Chargers, who selected Herbert at No.

6 in this past NFL draft, replaced Taylor in the starting lineup and nearly led his team to a huge win as the defending champions Chiefs won 23-20 in overtime. "I think he thought I was joking," Chargers coach Lynn said, per ESPN.

"I had to tell him a couple times, 'No, seriously, you're the starting quarterback.' Once he realized he was the guy, he was fine." Herbert performed well in his NFL debut but the Chargers will stick to Taylor as their starting quarterback.

"I'm gonna wait and see what type of health Tyrod is in," Lynn said. "He was our starter for a reason, and if he's 100 percent, ready to go, he's our starter. But I know that Justin can pick up the slack if he can't."

Herbert says the team will learn from the loss

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker scored a field goal with three seconds left in the game to force an overtime -- in which he scored a 58-yard field goal to give the Chiefs a 23-20 win.

"It's adversity," Herbert said of the loss. "I know we'll learn from it. In the long run, it's gonna help us." Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa was negatively surprised by what happened to Taylor as that was something he had never seen or experienced in the NFL.

But Bosa was also happy to see Herbert in action as he thought the rookie quarterback did a good job in his NFL debut. "It sucks what happened to Tyrod; I can't believe that," Bosa said. "I've never heard of anything like that before in my life.

But it was great to see Herbie out there. I've been liking what I've been seeing from him. I think he's gonna be a good player, and I think he showed out today. Obviously, he made some mistakes with the pick, but we all made mistakes. And for it being his first game, I thought he showed a lot of great stuff."