Seahawks' Russell Wilson: I'm in the zone, locked in, dialed in & focused

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Seahawks' Russell Wilson: I'm in the zone, locked in, dialed in & focused

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson underlined that he is at a great place both mentally and physically after leading his team to a 2-0 start to the season. Wilson, a seven-time Pro Bowl quarterback, has expressed himself as an early candidate for this year's NFL MVP award following two outstanding performances.

On Sunday Night Game, Wilson completed 21 of 28 passes for 288 yards and five touchdowns as the Seahawks beat the New England Patriots 35-30. "Definitely in the zone," Wilson said, per ESPN. "Locked in. Focused.

Dialed in. My teammates are too. It's a great group of men, like I said. I've been ready to play since the last time we had our last game in Green Bay [where Seattle's season ended in the divisional round]. Every day it's my mindset, just my performance, team and everything else, just everything that we put into it is just getting ready and trying to be great.

"I think that I have an obsession with this thought process of always trying to find more."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll raves about Wilson

Wilson thee four touchdown passes in a Week 1 win over the Atlanta Falcons and on Sunday he became the fourth player in NFL history to throw at least four touchdown passes in each of his team's first two games.

"You can just see that he is really in command of what we're doing, and his receivers came through beautifully," Carroll said. With three second left to go in the game, the Patriots had the ball at the Seahawks 1-yard line.

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton tried to run into the end zone for the touchdown but the Seahawks defense met him and his attempt failed. "It had been real successful for them earlier," Carroll said. "So we got after it, and the guys did a fantastic job of adjusting right there on the fly.

We got it done. It was an amazing play, an amazing moment. I would love to go back there and do it all over again if we could." The Seahawks have one of the best fan bases in the entire NFL and coach Carroll wished they were in the stands on Sunday night.

"For the fans out there, we missed you so much," Carroll said. "I can't tell you. We are so used to this extraordinary following and crowd and energy and juice and all that. I don't know if you saw our guys, but our guys were trying to fill in for you.

I just wish so much that you had been there for the last play of the game. I just think it would have been so crazy for all the fans."