49ers not ruling out injured Jimmy Garoppolo for Texans game

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49ers not ruling out injured Jimmy Garoppolo for Texans game

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is not ready to rule out quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for the Houston Texans game. Garoppolo is dealing with a right thumb injury. "I'm not ready to announce that," Shanahan said.

"Jimmy is not out, so I'm holding out hope. He's got a chance this week, so he'll have a better chance next week." If Garoppolo is unable to go, rookie Trey Lance would get to star. "Practicing with the first team this week, I don't know if Jimmy is going to be able to go on Sunday, but for me to be able to get those reps, I think, was huge," Lance said.

"Whether I can go on Sunday or not, I think I gained a lot from it."

Lance will be ready if Garoppolo is out

"It was a long time ago that I played," Lance said. "From a health standpoint, I think I feel probably the healthiest I've felt since I've been here.

Getting more reps, getting to see things like how Jimmy prepares in a short week, things like that which would have been really hard for me as a rookie, with no vets in the room, I think those things have helped me a ton this year."

Star tight end George Kittle praised Lance as he says the rookie quarterback has improved over the last couple of months. "I think Trey's looked good," tight end George Kittle said. "The last couple months, I think that there's been a huge improvement.

So, everything you guys saw in camp, I think he's been way better than that. He just looks more mature in the pocket. I think I saw (linebacker) Fred Warner said that he's like not relying on his legs to make plays and he's sitting in the pocket and reading it a little bit more and taking a little bit more chances in the pocket, which I agree with him.

... He's definitely improved in the last several weeks." Running back Elijah Mitchell missed the past three games with a knee injury but Shanahan is hoping he will be ready to go on Sunday. "Hopefully that will continue all the way up to Sunday," Shanahan said.

"We'll play Elijah as much as he can handle, so that's about watching him, watching how his legs work, communicating with him, which is really what [running backs coach] Bobby [Turner] does throughout the game, and when he's tired, if he's going, Bobby doesn't hesitate, he puts Jeff [Wilson Jr.] in there and we have a number of guys we can put in there."