Odell Beckham: I felt deprived over last couple of years

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Odell Beckham: I felt deprived over last couple of years

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is back to catching touchdown passes and he couldn't be happier. Beckham's productivity was at his all-time low with the Cleveland Browns so he forced his way out of Cleveland to join the Rams.

"It's been great," Beckham said about his recent end zone productivity. "Over the last couple of years, I've felt deprived. I've definitely missed the end zone for sure, and it just hasn't been as easy and seamless as it could and should be.

I'm someone who I feel like I should score once or twice every single game. I feel like I can get 100 yards every single game." Beckham has four touchdown catches in five games with the Rams. "I'm just happy that I'm at a place that I'm having fun within myself," Beckham said.

"Just having fun playing football again."

Coach Sean McVay praises Beckham

"He's got a great charisma, great presence, he's an incredibly talented football player and then I can attest to this now, he's a great teammate," McVay said.

"He really cares about these guys, he's been incredibly selfless, he's made plays when he's had the opportunity." The Rams have several big time targets but Beckham wasn't concerned about his competition.

Beckham is hoping wide receiver Cooper Koop reaches the 2000 receiving yards mark. "Man, I find it funny, all the talks that ever been said about me being a me guy. People are going to say whatever but just have no idea," Beckham said.

"And when I chose to come here, I'm knowing that Coops on pace to break a record. I didn't come here thinking, 'Oh, I got to get my targets.' That's just not being me -- yeah, I want the ball, I'm a competitor, but like I said, I came late to the party.

"It's just funny, all the backlash that I get about the type of person that I am and this and that, and I think you just see me in an atmosphere where success is around, and like I said, these people are on pace for history.

I want to watch them break -- I told him I want him to get 2K yards so I can come and break your record. That's how it happens -- records are meant to be broken -- and, like I said, I think we're just witnessing [something] very, very special."