Russell Wilson: I'm definitely surprised about how the Seahawks' season has gone

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Russell Wilson: I'm definitely surprised about how the Seahawks' season has gone

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said that he is "definitely surprised" over how the Seahawks' season has gone so far. The Seahawks entered the season with big expectations but they are out of playoffs picture as they stand at a 5-10 record.

"Definitely surprised," Wilson said about how Seattle's season has gone, per ESPN. The Seahawks were up by 10 in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears but blew the lead late in the game as the Bears escaped with a 25-24 road win.

"That was about as disappointing of a loss as we've had," Seahawks head coach Carroll said postgame. "We were in control in so many ways in that game to go win it and put it away; we just never did and let them stay alive, and they found a way to make their plays.

We had to do some stuff to give them that opportunity, and they took advantage of it, and give them credit. They've been struggling all year too, and it's a big win for those guys. "I feel like I have to do more.

In a time like this, I feel like I've got to find ways to help our guys more so that we don't get in a situation where we even give them a chance."

Wilson hopes the Seahawks play better in the last two games

"I think that's the biggest and the toughest part about this season," Wilson said.

" ... We have to be able to finish better in my opinion on offense. We can execute better. We can do little things better ... " Coach Carroll says everyone -- players and coaches -- have to be on the same page and give their absolute best.

"I'm taking it the other way," he said when asked if he's surprised his players haven't responded. "I'm taking it like I need to do better. I'm not calling [out] the players for not responding.

I have to respond better. I've got to do more for them and help them more so. Maybe that's a coach's ego or whatever. But I don't mind holding myself in that kind of accountability. I've just got to find a way.

I'm expecting our other coaches and the players to do the same thing. Everybody gives everything they have to give us every shot to be as good as we can possibly be. And it starts with me."