Le'Veon Bell contemplated NFL retirement to pursue boxing before Buccaneers called

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Le'Veon Bell contemplated NFL retirement to pursue boxing before Buccaneers called

Running back Le'Veon Bell revealed he was contemplating retirement after going six weeks without playing football. Bell started the season with the Baltimore Ravens but got released after just a couple of games played.

The Buccaneers signed Bell this week after losing running backs Leonard Fournette and Giovani Bernard to injuries. "I'm not even gonna lie -- I got to the point where I had thought about kinda calling it quits, just 'cause of the fact that it wasn't working out for me the last couple spots I've been at," Bell said, per ESPN.

Bell has had a couple of rough seasons and he claimed the Buccaneers were the only team where he wanted to play. Bell was contemplating to quit football and try boxing. "This was like literally the only spot that I felt like made me want to play football and go out there and be excited to play.

This was like literally the only place that could have called me and got me to really go play. I was gonna start boxing and focusing on boxing."

Bell was once a top running back

"The last three or four years have definitely been tough," Bell said.

"I think it kind of humbled me in a real good way. It made me work so much harder. I know how bad I want it, to help a team win, and to still show people I'm still a great football player. I just think that will and desire and that last couple years of humbleness kinda helped me out."

Bell was unhappy he and the Pittsburgh Steelers couldn't reach an agreement on an extension in 2018 so he decided to holdout from games. "I don't think I regret sitting out or the way anything went down," Bell said.

"Maybe more so having my name in the headlines and maybe drawing so much attention to it. That'd be the only thing I wish I could kind of do differently. But my decision and what I wanted to do at the time, I felt like, if I didn't know what I knew now ...

and I could go back four years ago, five years ago, whatever it was -- I probably would still do the same thing, because of like what I felt I was worth at that time. "I don't think I would change anything outside of just being in the media and talking on social media so much.

I think I kinda would have been more quiet about it and just went about my business differently. But I don't regret the way things went. It helped me become who I am today, so I don't take anything back."