Daniel Jones discusses his future with Giants


Daniel Jones discusses his future with Giants

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is confident he will remain the team's quarterback going forward. The Giants haven't had a winning season since drafting Jones in 2019 but the 24-year-old quarterback doesn't think his time with the Giants has come to an end.

"I've spoken to [coach] Joe [Judge] and we've had conversations about [being the starter next year]," Jones said, per ESPN. "Like I said, there are things I need to improve on. There are things he expects me to improve on moving forward.

I understand that and obviously take that very seriously. That is kind of my approach." Giants head coach Joe Judge suggested the Giants will give Jones another chance to prove himself. "Yeah, I've seen enough growth from Daniel to tell us he's a guy we want to go ahead and play with," Judge said.

"In terms of the business aspect of it and different things, I'll let different departments in this organization handle that stuff. I'll coach the players. "When it comes down to Daniel our concern right now is getting him back and healthy and getting him prepared for next year."

Jones out for the remainder of the season

The Giants decided to shut down Jones for the remainder of the season due to a neck injury.

Jones insists it's not something that will threaten his career. "No. I don't," Jones said. "From all conversations with doctors and our medical staff here, going forward, it's something that is going to heal. "It's kind of a timing thing and unfortunately ran out of time this season.

It's disappointing and frustrating, but it's part of this game and it's something I have to deal with. But I don't have any concerns long term." The Giants are set to finish the year with a losing record as they have a 4-10 record.

Coach Judge made it clear earlier this year that he should be blamed for the team's struggles. "There's your answer. I'm the head coach. It's my responsibility, point blank," Judge said earlier this season. "Every player on this field, every position group, the execution, it all comes down to me.

The fish stinks from the head down. "I've been taught that from great guys who I worked for, played for. There are no excuses, no exceptions. You demand it from your coaches to make sure that the players are playing the right way.

You demand it of the players to know what to do and then go out there to do it. "But it starts with me and ends with me."

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