Steelers have 'zero regrets' over trading Melvin Ingram to Chiefs

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Steelers have 'zero regrets' over trading Melvin Ingram to Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the Steelers have zero regrets about trading outside linebacker Melvin Ingram to the Kansas City Chiefs. Ingram signed with the Steelers this past offseason but he was traded to the Chiefs after just six games played for the Steelers.

"We didn't weigh their circumstances," coach Tomlin said, per ESPN. "We weighed our circumstances. Not only the tangible element of our circumstances, but the intangible quality that makes us a team. When we moved him, we had an opportunity to get value for him, and so that was entertaining and interesting to us.

"But also, to be quite honest with you and blunt, Melvin no longer wanted to be here. And for us, we prefer volunteers as opposed to hostages. And we believe that's a formula that allows us to come together in ways that you can't measure.

To do the things we were able to do last week, to smile collectively in the face of adversity and do what's required to get out of the stadium with necessary wins. That's more of a function of us and the things that we value and less about Kansas City, the things that they needed or the prospects of playing them later in the season."

The Steelers, Ingram set to meet

Ingram is set to face the Steelers for the first time since the split as the Chiefs are hosting the Steelers this Sunday.

After adding Ingram, the Chiefs were able to move Chris Jones to the defensive tackle. "His versatility is very evident," Tomlin said of Jones. "They were lacking in some edge depth early on in the season. He played outside, was a dominant force outside, has been a dominant force inside.

"I think one of the things that's allowed them to gain some traction from a defensive perspective is in recent months, they've been able to play him almost exclusively inside. You feel his dominance and presence. Not only as a pass-rusher in terms of producing sacks but his ability to disrupt the overall offensive game, play the run, bat passes.

He's a catalyst." Steelers star T.J. Watt was extremely excited after the Steelers signed Ingram but unfortunately the Ingram experiment didn't work out. “I am excited,” Watt told reporters after Ingram signed with the Steelers.

“I worked with him during the Pro Bowl and I used to watch Chargers games when Derek [Watt] was playing in San Diego and Los Angeles. He’s just a player that has a lot of burst off the line of scrimmage. He’s got a phenomenal spin move and just seeing him in person, he is a colorful guy and I am excited to work with him”.