Packers' Aaron Rodgers reveals text message he received from Brett Favre

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers reveals text message he received from Brett Favre
Packers' Aaron Rodgers reveals text message he received from Brett Favre (Provided by Sport World News)

Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre messaged quarterback Aaron Rodgers following Green Bay's win over the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday. Rodgers tied Favre's team record for most touchdowns thrown as he will likely break the record this Saturday when the Packers take on the Cleveland Browns.

"The one thing I will say that he mentioned, which is one thing I've been really taking to heart the last couple of years, is he just said, 'Enjoy it because it goes by so fast and the next thing you know it's over,'" Rodgers said, per ESPN.

Said Favre a day earlier on SiriusXM NFL Radio: "He did shoot me a text, and it was very good. You know, Aaron's gonna shatter every record out there if he continues to play because he's just, he's better now than he's ever been and shows no signs of slowing down.

Certainly makes that team so much better. Whether he goes to another team or not, he's gonna make whoever he plays with so much better. Just a prolific playmaker, probably the best playmaker I think we've ever seen."

Rodgers learned a lot from Favre

Rodgers threw his first touchdown in his third season as he spent the first few years of his career learning from Favre.

"Not just to be able to learn behind Brett but to be picked by this organization to kind of have a resettling of the ego and the competitive drive and the work ethic of, 'OK, now I'm in a room for the first time in my life with a guy who's better than me,'" Rodgers said.

"He throws it better. His mastery of the system is better. Instincts are better. Pocket presence is better. And that was great for me because I really got to see exactly what I needed to work on in order to become great because my dreams and my aspirations and my drive was to be great.

"Had I gone to a space where I didn't have that in the room, maybe I wouldn't have been able to firsthand see comparatively where I was at to where I want to be." Rodgers said Favre's comment reminded him of a line from his favorite show The Office.

"I wish they'd tell you you were in the good old days before you left them.' And I've often thought a lot about that [and was] reminded by Favre's comment but to just enjoy these times because these are the good old days and you never know when they're gonna be done and it goes by so quickly," Rodgers revealed.

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